Vending Service Overview

What is Vending?

Vending, also known as Vending Machine Service, Vending Machine Repair, Vending Service Company, and a variety of other titles. In simple terms, it is a service that consists of inspecting vending machines for potential problems and lost sales opportunities. A trained technician looks at the entire machine to see if something looks right or isn’t operating correctly. Vending can be looked at as a preventative maintenance system for your vending machines, which will ultimately lead to higher profits if the device is working optimally.

What Vending Service Should Include?

Vending service should include an inspection of several aspects of your vending machine that is beneficial to your device’s life and health. The most common assessments consist of checking the coin mech for potential problems and checking parts like coils on soda machines to ensure they are still heating/cooling. Checking all gauges on gas-style machines (such as popcorn or hot cocoa), making sure there isn’t any rust or debris in the product delivery area, checking labels are facing forward in all compartments. Making sure the condiment compartments aren’t sticky and that the machine is clean, and making sure lighting isn’t out.

Who can perform Vending Service?

Vending service can be performed by a Vending Company or an independent Vending Technician. Vending companies have entire departments dedicated to providing vending services. In contrast, an independent technician typically performs only vending service during their workday and doesn’t do any other type of repair.

The benefit of hiring an independent Vending Technician is that they are typically better equipped to perform Vending Service in general since Vending is their primary service. Vending companies can benefit from having technicians that are well versed in all types of vending machines but frequently will not have the same knowledge when it comes to repairing other types of equipment such as coin-op furniture or fitness equipment.

How Much Does Vending Service Cost?

Vending services cost $85-$100 per machine annually, so if you have four machines servicing costs $340-400 per year. Vending service companies also typically charge a fee to come out and inspect machines, but make sure you ask the Vending Service company how much it will cost before hiring them to perform Vending Service.