Q. Where is your Vending Service Located?

A. Our vending service is locally located in Houston, Texas

Q. In what way does Full Service Vending work?

A. It is the best Houston Vending Machine Suppliers where you can choose from our wide range of products and beverages. We personally set up our vending machines and restock them as needed.

Q. Is a reliable vending service offered?

A. Yes. We are offering a reliable vending service that is focused on the satisfaction of our clients.

Q. Are vending services provided for small, medium and large company break rooms?

A. Yes. We provide our Houston vending services to any types of offices or institution breakrooms.

Q. Do you require payment for Free Vending to place a beverage and snack machine in my warehouse?

A. No. All our vending services are free throughout the Houston area.

Q. Are coffee services as well as drinks, snacks and food machine service offered?

A. Yes. We provide Office coffee services in Houston and a wide range of beverages in snacks.

Q. Are Coke Machines, Pepsi Machines, Dr Pepper offered or just generic beverage machines?

A. What we put in your office will depend on your preference. We have a wide range of beverages to choose from in our warehouse including Coke machines, Pepsi machines, Pop machines, Dr Pepper machines and more.

Q. Is the selection for you beverage machines all coke products?

A. We can provide you with different kinds of beverages. We can place 7- Up, Sunkist, Coke, Dr Pepper, Fanta Orange and anything you want. We have a customized vending program and we are not just limited to Coke products.

Q. Can you service a business with 250 employees?

A. Yes. We can handle small and large scale businesses with various numbers of employees. We can put up multiple vending machines to cater all the workers in any part of the building.

Q. Do you also have Healthy vending machines and healthy products?

A. We have flexible Houston vending services and we can provide you healthy snack options and beverages for your employees.

Q. What kinds of snacks do you offer together with your vending machine service?

A. We offer a lot of varieties in our snacks. We put Peanut Butter Crackers, Cheese Crackers, Honey Buns, Cheetos, Doritos, Almond Joy, Lays Classic, Hershey Almond, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Milky Way, Gum, Payday and more.

Q. How fast can you take a look at our breakroom and install some vending machine?

A. We can usually meet you on the same day or within 2-3 days depending on the number of clients and installs scheduled before you.

Q. Is a contract required with your Houston vending machine services to be installed at our business?

A. No. A contract is not required in order for us to place a vending machine in your business.

Q. What will happen if the beverage or snack machines break down?

A. We will do everything for you starting from the installation of the machines, maintaining them and handling all repairs. We have you covered with Houston Vending Machine Suppliers.

Q. Do you have coin readers in your vending machines?

A. No. We only install the coin readers in our machines for businesses with 100 or more employees since it is very expensive and it has to be installed if recommended.

Q. How does your vending machine look like?

A. We have different types of vending machines with different sizes that can fit to any type of space. They are very cool looking, top notch quality machines.

Q. What if someone had lost his or her money in the vending machine?

A. The vending service personnel assigned to your account will return the lost money in the machine. Just contact them and go over with the process of reimbursement and refund.

Q. What happens when the vending machines are vandalized?

A. Problems with vandalism is a rare and a temporary situation. We usually choose a safe spot for us to put the vending machines to prevent vandalism from happening. You are not liable for any vandalism incident or any damage on the machine but before we put a new vending machine in your office, you must provide us a safer place where to put it.

Q. What electrical requirements are required for a soda machine?

A. The power consumption of the machine may depend if the machine is placed indoors or outdoors but tends to run about 3.1- 4.4 kWh/day for the lighting and 3.5-4 kWh/day for the refrigeration. They usually run on 115 volts at approximately 10.5 amps. Majority of the commercial grade three-prong outlets are acceptable to power a vending machine.