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Free Vendor Coffee Service is a Houston based office coffee service along with our top-of-the-line brewing equipment and the premium refreshments offered, we provide you with a dedicated account specialist to ensure all of your needs are met, timely and efficiently. We can also provide you with condiments such as cream and sugar, cups and stir sticks to ensure your breakroom space is completely stocked and accessible. Rome Refreshment Services takes pride in offering superior customer service, monitoring usage and checking in with you frequently. We will supply the coffees and condiments as often as necessary, only providing what is needed.

We regularly maintain our brewing machines, ensuring they are working at optimal speed and functionality. When a brewer needs a filter change, service or repair, we make it a priority to correct the problem as soon as possible and get the brewer working again. We assess a minimal monthly maintenance fee that covers the cost of any lifetime maintenance. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge a fee for regular maintenance calls on equipment, saving our clients’ money and creating happy customers. Apart from serving delicious coffee we also provide high-quality coffee vending machines for use in homes and offices.