Largest Vending Machine Companies in Houston

Largest vending machine companies in Houston offer the latest full-service vending machines to offices and companies. Full-service vending machines are the ones that come with the greater choices and more offers for picking up the desired meal. These vending machines don’t only sell a diverse variety of food and beverages but also more control and freedom to the customers. Here, freedom comes in terms of choosing your favorite meal, self-serving yourself, and selecting your preferred mode of payment.

Free vendors is such a top-rated vending machine company that offers all of these features to its customers. Along with all the other benefits, our vending machines also enable the customers/employees to choose their most convenient mode of payment. Our machines accept both the cash and the credit card to make customers feel at home.

Along with these, our vending machines also possess several other fantastic features. Let’s learn about these below.

Fantastic features of our vending machines

Our vending machines come with the following features.

  • Multiple options for payment
  • Automatic temperature control panel
  • Automatic expiry dates checking feature
  • Touch screen and video system for enabling easy use
  • Regular updates related to everything that comes under vending

Breakroom Services

The breakroom services at free vendors offer the most extraordinary and delightful experience to the employees. While providing the breakroom services, we keep a primary focus on delivering high-quality, fresh, hygienic, and delicious food. It is vital to focus on this aspect because this is the only way to make employees take the most benefit of vending machines in their companies.

You can install our vending machines in the breakroom of your company where the employees can easily access it. For this, you may choose a full-service vending machine or may install a separate snack vending machine and coffee vending machine. In offices, there is a high demand for coffee vending machines as well due to the nature of high-demanding work. To keep the employees going, it’s an outstanding idea to offer them a coffee vending service at their arm’s length. In this way, the employees would be able to have as many cups of coffee as they want without leaving the office for coffee.

Our Products

Besides a fantastic variety of coffee (e.g. Latte, mocha, and cappuccino), you can also get the following amazing products for your office vending needs.

  • Popcorns
  • Juices
  • Water
  • Gummies
  • Candies
  • Chocolates, including kitkat, twix, sneakers, mars
  • Cold drinks such as Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, Fanta, Mountain Dew and many more
  • Healthy snacks such as doritos, pretzels, cheezits, and more
  • Fresh meal options for the offices

Besides these products, we also take orders for other products of the customer’s choice. So, feel free to get our customized vending services for your business needs. By offering such a diverse variety of vending machines and vending supplies, we try our best to meet the demands of our customers. Additionally, our fastest delivery of supplies and free service is our core feature of being one of the largest vending machine companies in Houston.