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At Free Vendors, we firmly believe that coffee is more than just a drink, it is a culture, an art, an economy, a science and sort of passion. whether or not you are new to the brew or a coffee expert, there is constantly something more to study this cherished beverage. Houston is far from missing in places to experience a great cup of coffee. But now not all coffee shops are created equal. From freelancers on closing date to students gearing up for late-night have a look at sessions, a few coffee shops are just better suited to plopping down with a laptop and settling in for the long haul.

What is that makes for a great work or a study spot? Alongside from copious amounts of caffeine, it should have quality Wi-Fi, plenty of seating, flexible hours, a few outlets, and the right atmosphere. These spots range from art-filled spaces that will get the creative juices flowing to quiet, cozy dens that feel like home.

Above all these coffee shops cater the hardworking houstonians, and many have a beer for those times when work turns into play.

If you’re on the north side of town, look no further than Slowpokes in Oak Forest. The main Hip Outpost is kind of like a part-coffee shop, part-bar, with communal tables with a sizable outdoor patio. The vibe is social without being noisy, and the decor accentuates the “slow” theme with paintings of turtles, sloths, and snails. Contact Houston Coffee Service today.