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There’s nothing like a homegrown, local coffee shop, and Houston’s got its pick. Whether you’re craving an iced coffee or a piping hot flat white, here are the places to hit up when you need a pick-me-up. Free Vendors: If you’re working or studying at this coffeeshop on Houston Ave. is no prob at Cafe. With a strong cup of coffee and charging outlets at every inch of the table, both you and your laptop will have enough time and juice to keep going like the little Energizer Bunny. And with an option to get refillable coffee for a minimal fee this is an epic spot to consider. The spot in The Heights and on Main St. does not just serve coffee, they roast it to. Featuring small batches with plenty of “boom”, At Free Vendors you can also bring a bag of Boomtown coffee home with you. We love the cozy atmosphere of the cafe, but what keeps us coming back are the decadent house lattes with homemade syrups – Milk & Honey, The Spectre, and Mayan Mocha are just a few of our fave’s. Tucked behind some of Montrose’s most renowned culinary institutions, you’ll find Free Vendors. This understated coffee bar offers an intimate setting that perfectly complements its strong coffee and a rotating menu of seasonal dishes. Stick around for a happy hour, or pop in for a post-dinner espresso works both ways.  Call Coffee Service Companies Near Houston today.